A conference at University College, London 27th – 29th June 2007

This conference, the culmination of a two year research network, will bring together artists and scientists working in ceramics and glass to share their current interests and investigations. find out more

In recent years the field of research and investigation in creative ceramic and glass practice has seen significant growth. The AHRB (Arts and Humanities Research Board) has played a significant role in nurturing this growth. Individuals working either alone or in association with others in the creative practice field have undertaken much of the research. The exploration of material and process is central to the work of many artists and designers in ceramics and glass; empirical methodologies prevail in this field.

During the past year, contacts between the ceramics group at the Manchester Materials Science Centre led by Robert Freer (University of Manchester/UMIST) and the ceramics group at Three Dimensional Design Department, led by Alex McErlain (Manchester Metropolitan University) have highlighted the wealth of complementary knowledge and expertise in the creative and scientific communities.

We believe the time has come to explore the possibilities for more collaborative research between these communities through the establishment of a research network. The network would in the first instance provide a forum for debate and a platform for establishing common interests, which will lead to collaborative opportunities. The perceived benefits of linking the two communities include:


Atoms to Art 2 Conference

We have just published the list of speakers and their subjects for the Atoms to Art 2 conference. Find out more on the conference page.