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Manchester School of Art
Student using a loom

Stitch and Textile Workshops

The stitch and textile workshops are located on the first floor of the Benzie building and offer extensive facilities to support students working with yarns and fabrics.

Fashion & Embroidery Workshops

Benzie Building - Rooms 111, 112 and 113

The Embroidery workshops have a large range of domestic and specialist industrial embroidery machines, plus a quilter.

The Fashion Workshops comprise a machine room, a training room and a store. The machine room is equipped with large cutting tables and a variety of specialist industrial sewing machines and finishing equipment for student use. The training room is equipped with similar machines and is used predominantly for teaching sessions.

Technical Support: Julie Allen, Alicia Gledhill, Sue Prestbury, Maria Sykes, Veronika Wilson

Knitting Workshop

Benzie Building - Room 114

The Knitting facilities include Dubied, Domestic electronic and punch card knitting machines in a range of gauges.

Technical Support: Sue Harman

Weave Workshops

Benzie Building - Room 115

The Weave Workshop facilities include a range of equipment including 8 and 16 shaft tabletop looms through to 24 shaft Texel and ARM electronic dobby looms as well as a TC-1 Digital Jacquard Loom. Scotweave design software.

Technical Support: Rebecca Faragher

Fabric Store

Fabrics, haberdashery and related products can be purchased from the Fabric Store, located on the Chatham First Floor adjacent to the "A4 & More" Store.