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Manchester School of Art
The fine printmaking resources in Grsovenor


The Bookbinding Workshop is located on the ground floor of Chatham Building.

Inductions and Support

Caitlin Akers, Assistant Technical Officer, can offer inductions into the Bookbinding Workshop and related equipment. Group inductions can be offered for up to 10 students.

When inductions are not taking place, the Workshop is available as a "drop-in" for inducted users. Please check availability online.

Access and Information required from you

The Bookbinding Workshop is available for inducted users only. To request an induction, please see your Tutor.

An apron system is in place. Customers can collect an apron when accessing the Workshop. When there are no aprons available, the Workshop is full. Bookbinding uses Yellow aprons.

Abide by safe working practice for workshops, the local Risk Assessments available in each area and workshop specific safe working practices.

In addition to the General Code of Practice for Workshops, we ask that you pay particular attention to the safe working practices specific to this workshop and equipment contained therein and these are detailed below.

Codes of Practice

Technical Staff

Vicki Wild
Technical Team Leader

Caitlin Akers
Assistant Technical Officer

Lisa Lorenz
Assistant Technical Officer