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Manchester School of Art
Photograph of a student using a machine in a workshop

Health and Safety Information

Policy & Responsibilities

Faculty Safety Policy

Statement by the Dean of the Manchester School of Art.


People and their duties.

Site Health and Safety Panel

The Site Health and Safety Panel promotes the health, safety and welfare of the faculty's staff, students and visitors.


How students and staff can raise issues concerning health and safety.


How staff, students and visitors are informed about health and safety matters.

Policy Monitoring

The policy will be reviewed annually.

Codes of Practice & Guidance Notes

Listed alphabetically: a  c  d  e  f  h  i  l  m  p  r  s  w  


Accident and Incident Reporting

Policy for the Reporting and Investigation of Accidents and Incidents pdf icon
Guidance for the Reporting and Investigation of Accidents and Incidents pdf icon

Reporting of Accidents, Incidents & Dangerous Occurances pdf icon.
All accidents, incidents and dangerous occurrences are reported via the University form. All accidents in workshops must be reported to the Technical Service Manager and Technical Manager. Incidents in other areas of the faculty should be reported to Lesley Bowler, Management Services.


The management of asbestos in University buildings and the responsibilities of students and staff.


Ceramics Workshops

Specific advice for the ceramics workshops. Also see Workshop Safety.

Children on University Premises

Risk Assessments for Children visiting the Benzie, Chatham & Grosvenor buildings pdf icon. Also see the University Policy on the Safety of Children On University Premises pdf icon

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) pdf icon

Guidance notes. Also see Risk Assessments.


See Display Screen Equipment (DSE).


Degree Show

See Setting up your show.

Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

Health and safety advice for users of the Faculty's computer suites and drop-ins.


Evacuation Protocol

For the Manchester School of Art (staff login required).

Exhibitions and Installations on University Premises pdf icon

Advice for staff and students. Also see Setting up your show.

Ethics Policy

The Faculty has guidelines which should be used by students and their tutors during the planning of projects or research work, to identify any potential ethical issues.


Fire Safety Policy pdf icon and Management Roles and Responsibilites pdf icon

The University is committed to establishing and maintaining a management system to ensure that all staff, students and visitors are protected from the risk of fire.

Fire and Emergency Evacuation Procedures pdf icon

Fire Precautions and Notice Boards pdf icon

Fire Marshalls

In an emergency situation it is the task of the Fire Marshall and/or Deputy to ensure that the evacuation of the building is completed effectively.

Fire Risk Assessments

Fire risk assesments have been undertaken for each building in the Faculty. They are available at the reception of the buildings.

First Aiders

Members of faculty staff who have been trained to provide first aid.


Health Surveillance pdf icon

Procedures are in place for health surveillance for staff exposed to dusts and noise. Eye tests are available to staff who are computer users.


Induction Training

See Workshop Induction Training.

Inspections pdf icon

Formal inspections are undertaken annually by heads of school. Workshops are formally inspected annually but also use a system of proactive monitoring using day books and daily and spot checks.

Installation of Machinery

Instructions for staff when installing machinery in workshops.


Lone Working in Studios

Advice for students when working in the studios outside normal teaching hours.



See Installation of Machinery, Workshop Safety and Workshop Management.

Manual Handling pdf icon

Managing the manual handing of loads.


Permit to work systems

A permit to work system operates in some of the Faculty workshops. These are clearly noted on workshop doors.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE is issued to workshop users at the point of requirement. Records of PPE are maintained by the Technical manager. Arrangements are in place for Technicians to check PPE on a regular basis and replace any falling below standard. Full footwear and appropriate clothing as described at induction are required in workshops. Workshop users are reminded that they will be asked to leave the workshop if shoes and dress code do not meet the required standard for safe working.

'Pop-Up' Stalls Policy

For fund-raising activities in university buildings.


Risk Assessments

Guidance on constructing risk assessments and form for downloading.
Also see Student Placements and Fire Risk Assessments.


Safety Training for Staff

In house and external training courses are available to staff. Students will be given safety information at induction.

Setting up your show

Information for students exhibiting at the Degree Show

Smoke Free Policy pdf icon

Smoking is not allowed in any of the faculty buildings.

Studio Safety

Advice for working safely in the studios.
Also see Lone Working in Studios.

Studio Items Checklist pdf icon

What items can be brought into the studios.

Student Placements

Generic risk assessments for student visits are available on the admin network for the benefit of tutors.


Workshop Safety

Guidelines to be followed when using any of the Faculty's workshops.
Also see Ceramics Workshops.

Workshop Management

The faculty proactively manages safety in its workshops by maintaining workshop day books, machinery maintenance and inspection logs.

Workshop Induction Training

Guidance notes for Programme Leaders and staff involved in the induction of students in the Faculty workshops.

Further Information

MMU Health and Safety site
Information and resources provided by the Human Resources Division.

Contact details for the technical service managers and their areas of responsibilty.