Marisa Draper
"Chicken and Salad" - Installation


Mum: Did you get leftovers?
Dad: Could you pass down the butter please Thomas?
Thom: What?
Mum: From work yesterday, did you get leftovers?
Thom: No.
Thom: I got overpaid.
Mum: Overpaid? Why?
Thom: Donít know. They paid me for like seventeen hours.
Mum: Did you tell them?
Thom: No I didnít notice until I got in the car but Iíll give it them back next week.
Will: Donít!
Mum: (annoyed) No, itís important!
Will: No itís not!
Dad: I would ring them up tomorrow.
Thom: (annoyed) All right but Dad they wonít even notice!
Dad: Well that doesnít matter.
Thom: (annoyed) Ringing them up tomorrow will make no
difference, next week Iíll just say. Why canít I just take it in next week?
Will: (silly voice) ĎCos itíll burn a hole in your pocket.
Dad: It might help them to work out why their accounts donít balance.
Thom: They wonít notice thirty-five quid Dad. You should see how much money they take.
Mum: But if you tell them it will be... a mark of, it will go in your favour; it will be a mark of your integrity.
Thom: (annoyed) Yeah, thatís why Iím going to tell them!
Dad: Could I have some butter please? Thomas could you...