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"Today I Made a Friend"- Animation Still
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"Today I Fancied a Pie"- Animation Still
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"Today it was Very Dark"- Animation Still
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"Today I Wondered What Powers I Would Posess if I Were an X-man" - Animation Still
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"Today I Ate Too Much" - Animation Still
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"Today I Reminisced" - Animation Still
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One day Emily was born and embarked on a journey into a life that presented her with millions of experiences which soon began to shape her beliefs, personality and perceptions. These experiences subsequently began to influence her unconscious thoughts and dreams but nobody but Emily could see these, so when she reached art school she recorded her dreams in her nightmare journal and then animated them. Emily grew to love re-telling the stories from her mind so much that she began documenting daytime events and animating these also. But Emily soon became obsessed with writing in her diaries, so much so that her dreams started getting confused with her waking life and after a short time she started to believe that a number of rather mischievous monsters, whom only she could see, were suddenly pursuing her. Thankfully Emily’s life is now free from the constraints of rational order and she can finally animate in peace.