Ben Mattinson
Scratched Metal

Scratch. Tear. Claw. Layer. Crack. Damage. Indent.

By investigating marks on weathered surfaces for their aesthetic value and intricate detail, I have created work that explores both the process of distressing and the delicate beauty of the individual material results.

I have produced a series of tools in the form of footwear to aid this investigation. Each marks surfaces in a unique way: nail shoes, blade-edged shoes and flat plank shoes scratch, damage and mark. By studying the patterns in man-made materials such as plastic and sheet aluminium, I have furthered my interest in natural materials such as snow, woodland, and grass generating other indentations such as footprints and trails on the ground.

From the inspiration that these markings have given me, I have produced oil and acrylic paintings on canvas and acetate and taken prints from the harder materials like aluminium and wood.

My work is an investigation into textural flaws in a surface that somehow appear beautiful. I look to highlight these imperfections in an attempt to communicate the intricacies that could so easily be overlooked. The presentation of the work is a catalyst to immerse the onlooker in the journey of the surface from its original condition to its final state, to inspire a desire to take a closer look