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Manchester School of Art
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Placement and Work-Based Learning

The Manchester School of Art Placement and Work-based Learning Protocols have been developed in conjunction with the university’s health and safety, legal and insurance teams to help ensure the safety and legal protection of students. It is an important educational aspect that the student takes the primary role in organising the completion of these. These replace any documentation or protocols previously used within the school and provide a common template to help ensure the safety of students when working off-site in relation to validated and assessed units.

Placement and Work-based Learning refers to any period of vocational or academic activity whereby students engage with a third-party as part of their study and where there is a transfer of direct supervision of the student to this third party. This includes any P&WBL activity which the student has been advised or recommended to engage with and also includes periods outside of term time. The forms have been developed to be straightforward and easy to use and are primarily completed by the student undertaking the work experience and in doing so contribute to their understanding of their professional and employability contexts.

They are a tripartite arrangement between a student, the university and the external provider and require validation from each prior to any work being undertaken.

If you wish to undertake any P&WBL activity, please contact the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Placement Team on who will supply you with the forms.


If you have any questions about these protocols or need assistance with completing the forms please contact the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Placements Team.


Telephone: 0161 247 1700