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for Students

Manchester School of Art
Photograph of a student using a machine in a workshop

Workshop Management

The School of Art seeks to proactively manage safety in its workshops by the use of the following tools:

Workshop Aprons

In the majority of the workshops, staff and students will be expected to wear the relevant workshop apron. These are available at the entrance to the workshop. In addition to providing the wearer with some protection to themselves and their clothes, the number of aprons available reflects the number of places available at that time. This may change depending on the available number of supervisory staff or the nature of the work being undertaken in the area. If there are no aprons available, then the workshop is at maximum safe occupation and no more people will be allowed into the area. Aprons must not be removed from the workshop.

Workshop Day Books

A set of daily checks pertinent to each workshop are set out in the day book and undertaken and signed off daily by the senior technician in the workshop. Technical managers will record visits to the workshop and note the situation in the workshop at that time in the book. All incidents accidents and events are also logged as a record in the book.

Maintenance Logs

Maintenance logs are held for machinery which require compliance to PUWER regulations.

Workshop Inspection Logs

A detailed workshop inspection sheet is used for annual inspections of workshops.

Relevant Codes of Practice