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for Students

Manchester School of Art
Photograph of a student using a machine in a workshop

Studio Safety

Working space in the studio

You will be allocated a working space within the studios, the space may be your own or a shared space and it is your responsibility to maintain that space in a condition that;

  • Enables you to work
  • Does not contravene safety regulations
  • Does not inhibit the work of others

Your work should be carried out in your allocated studio space. During normal working hours, this will provide you with access to appropriate equipment, tools, technical advice and supervision. It also means that the tutor will be aware of how your work is developing and can offer advice. You will also benefit from the assistance of other students and from an awareness of their working procedures.

Emergency arrangements for studios

Fire evacuation
Familiarise yourself with the evacuation routes from your studio before you need to use them. Always keep the exits clear. Check out the nearest fire alarm bell to your space and in the event of fire break the glass.

First aid
First aid is available during normal working hours, names and telephone numbers of the local first aiders are on the corridors near the studios and next to the lift on each floor. Do not work in the studio if you are unwell.

Reporting of accidents, Incidents and near misses
Any accident incident or near miss should be reported immediately to the tutor or technical staff in the area.

Hazards in the Studio

Blocked walkways and egress routes
Walkways and egress routes must be kept clear at all times.

Chemicals, solvents and aerosols
Chemicals solvents and aerosols not purchased by the Faculty present unknown hazards. Please seek permission from the tutor and undertake a risk assessment with the tutor before bringing any chemicals solvents or aerosols to the studio.

Electrical Hazards
The use of mains extension cables should be avoided. If their use is unavoidable, they must be secured and kept away from walkways. All University equipment is checked for safety and a pass sticker issued. Please do not bring any electrical equipment from outside the faculty to the studio until they have been agreed by the tutor and checked for safety by the University electricians this will be organised by the tutor or technical staff on your behalf.

Important Studio guidelines

Children on the premises
University buildings are not designed for use by young children. You are advised to consult the University guidance notes for further information at

Your attention is drawn to the following document which describes the guidelines for preparation of installations and exhibitions in the University. A risk assessment is required for all installation work.

Out-of-Hours Working
Workshops will be opened out of hours by specialist staff as advertised in advance. Working in the studio out of office hours requires matters of safety to be observed within local arrangements sanctioned by Heads of Department.

Walkways and Exits
Do not put, work, materials, tools, equipment, personal belongings etc however temporarily. In walkways or exits. This is to ensure that the studios can be walked through safely and in the event of an emergency there is free access for evacuation and access to the emergency services.

Working at height
Any requirement for working at height must be discussed first with the tutor, after approval a risk assessment will be necessary. The Faculty has its own scaffold and Mobile Platform and qualified technical staff to manage them safely. Students will only be allowed on the scaffold when it is safely erected, when they have a requirement to be on the scaffold and have been inducted to safe use and only when technical staff or tutors are present. The University has guidance notes on tower scaffolding Please refer to these guidelines.