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Manchester School of Art
Photograph of a student using a machine in a workshop


Responsibilities of Named Senior Faculty Personnel

The Dean has the overall responsibility for the implementation of the University's Pro-Vice Chancellor Safety policy and is responsible for ensuring safety within authorised areas.

The Heads of Departments are accountable to the Dean for ensuring health and safety within their designated areas for Academic staff, Technical Staff and Students. They are responsible for all aspects of health and safety within their schools.

The Head of Faculty Student and Academic Services is accountable to the Dean for ensuring the safety of the administrative offices.

Additionally, for each major building or site, a senior member of staff has been named as co-ordinator, with responsibility for necessary "local" arrangements.

All the above named staff are responsible for ensuring that appropriate training for health and safety is arranged for relevant individuals.

Responsibilities of the Group Technical Manager

Responsible for ensuring that all School of Art workshops and related areas other than studios comply with current health and safety legislation and for promoting, reviewing and implementing safe working practices within those designated areas.

Responsibilities of Teaching Staff

  • provide a clear example to students by personally following the correct safety procedures
  • discuss the Fire Regulations with Students
  • supervise students in, workshops and studios etc.
  • reporting accidents, hazards
  • making appropriate suggestions to improve Health and Safety
  • co-operate in the promotion of health and safety at all levels

Responsibilities of all Staff

  • have a duty for the health and safety of themselves and other persons who may be affected by their work
  • have a duty to maintain and improve the safety of their working environment.
  • are invited to make suggestions towards improving the safety regulations.
  • should report all hazards, accidents and damage.
  • To co-operate with the university and faculty in matters concerning health and safety

Responsibilities of Students

Students are required to conduct themselves in a responsible manner in order not to endanger themselves or their colleagues. In particular:

  • conform to the safety requirements of the University
  • co-operate with staff towards the achievement of the University Safety Policy.
  • wear appropriate protective clothing for the activities they undertake.
  • report any hazards or accidents to the lecturer in charge
  • comply with any instructions relating to safe procedures in their working areas.

Trade Union Safety Representatives

Trade union safety representatives are appointed by recognised trade unions to represent their members at the workplace in matters of health, safety and welfare.


Departmental Safety Co-ordinators

Departmental safety co-ordinators are appointed by senior staff to act as liaison officers with the Health and Safety Unit and to support senior staff in the implementation of departmental rules and procedures.

Departmental Health and Safety Representatives

MSAStefan White
Dept of ArtDave Brodie
Dept of DesignDavid Grimshaw
Dept of MediaDavid James
MIRIADStephen Gartside

First Aid Staff

First aid staff are trained and appointed by the university to provide an effective first aid facility for staff, students and visitors.

Fire Marshalls

Trained Fire Marshalls are located on every floor of the buildings used by the School of Art. In an emergency situation it is the task of the Fire Marshall and/or Deputy to ensure that the evacuation of the building is completed effectively.

Safety Training

Training is available via the MMU Health and Safety Unit to assist staff in the undertaking of these duties, either by specific courses or web training modules dependent on the level of risk encountered.