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for Students

Manchester School of Art
Photograph of a student using a machine in a workshop

Lone Working in the Studios

Working in the studios has been assessed as a low risk activity during working hours (08.45 - 16.45)

Outside these hours and during the opening hours of the building you can work in your studio providing you follow the Faculty guidelines:

  • Do not work on your own in the studio, always ensure that there is at least one other student (who you know) in the studio with you.
  • If you are left on your own in the studio, you must leave the studio.
  • Remember if you are unwell, you should not work in the studio. If you require first aid, contact the building reception.
  • Be alert and report any unusual occurrences to the Benzie Building Reception (0161 247 1348)

Always work in accordance with the Faculty studio safety guidelines as described in the studio booklet and available on line at