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Manchester School of Art
Photograph of a student using a machine in a workshop

Installation of Machinery

Instructions for staff when installing machinery in workshops in the Manchester School of Art

Legislation is in place to instruct manufacturers and suppliers of machinery to ensure safety of machinery supplied. This is called the supply law regulation 1992. The Puwer regs 1992 deals with the requirement on the employer to ensure that equipment supplied for use is of the right kind, maintained in good order and that employees are trained in operation. Details of both of the above regulations with which we have to comply can be found at the following link

In order to comply with the regulations the following instructions will apply regarding any equipment to be installed in School of Art workshops

  • First and foremost discussion must take place on the requirement for a piece of machinery. This discussion must involve with the person requesting the machine, the Technical Service Manager responsible for the area and the Group Technical Manager.
  • Once a decision is made on the purchase of a piece of equipment the safety concerns will be addressed before any purchase takes place to ensure that the equipment is suitable for use in an educational establishment . Integrity of the machine in terms of safe guarding and suitability for purpose will be the highest consideration in purchase choice. Second hand and donated equipment must be subject to the same criteria.
  • Installation of machinery will be undertaken by manufacturers where applicable or Technical and Electrical Services in the University. Where applicable compliance certificates will be in place prior to use.
  • Training for relevant personnel will be organised on new machinery
  • A risk assessment will be conducted on machines by Technical Staff prior to use by staff and students

Construction of one off/prototype machines

  • Construction of any prototype machines or adaptations to current machines is strictly forbidden without written authority from the Group Technical Manager.