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Photograph of a student using a machine in a workshop

Workshop Induction Training

Guidance Notes for Students and Staff

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 places a duty on the employer, so far as is reasonably practicable, to provide information, instruction, training and supervision as necessary to ensure the health and safety at work of his or her employees and non-employees i.e. members of the public and contractors.

Under the Act there is also a requirement to provide safe work equipment, safe systems of work, safe handling, storage of articles and substances, a safe place of work and a safe working environment.

New starters both staff and students must receive adequate instruction to enable them to work safely as soon as they start work/study. This instruction is known as induction training

Training is the most important way of achieving competence and helps to convert information into safe working practices: training combined with experience leads to competence. Training has to be correct at the start and standards must be maintained once the training has been completed.

New students are known to be more likely to have accidents than those who have had time to recognise the hazards of the workplace.

The prime objective of induction training is to orientate new students into the existing health and safety climate and culture.

Induction training should be the first training session attended by new students. The Faculty operate Induction training programmes for new students. In the use of practical based workshops inductions will be timetabled and signed off after completion by the student.

The content of a safety induction course:

  • The basic legal duties of the employer & employee under the HSW Act
  • Organisation of Health and Safety within the University (Safety Committees etc)
  • Safe working practices (dress code, colour coding of machines, local working practices)
  • Specific hazards and risks to the area and how to identify these
  • Fire and emergency procedures
  • First aid and accident reporting
  • How to report unsafe situations or practices

Local Arrangements in Art and Design for workshop Inductions

The programme of induction will follow the following guidelines.

  • In workshops a supervising ratio of 1:15 is workable whilst the induction is verbal.
  • For practical elements higher supervision is required. In workshops using colour coded machinery a ratio of 1.5 will be adopted.
  • Programme leaders will liaise with Technical Sevice Managers where technical input is required with inductions in advance so that an induction calendar can be created.
  • Inductions to practical based workshops will have a theory and practical element in line with current British standards. Induction attendance will be signed by the students and the information held for the duration of the students course.
  • Inductions for students whose programme demands core use of a workshop will take place first in the academic year.
  • We will aim to induct core students to basic level before the beginning of November each year
  • The definition of “core” customers of a workshop is students that must have access to a workshop in order to complete their programme of study at Manchester School of Art
  • After this date inductions will be held in the mornings only allowing workshops to open in the afternoon, this will address the problem of inducted students finding difficulty in getting into the workshops
  • Where workshops are closed for inductions advance warning will be given to other users.
  • From November a programme of Wednesday afternoon inductions will be introduced. These will be to mop up core students and induct students from other programmes who have permission to use a workshop. Wednesday workshops will be arranged by the Technical Managers in the area and will follow demand.
  • Inductions will not take place with less than 5 students under normal circumstances.

Updated March 2016

Technical Service Managers

Makers Workshops
Mark McDonagh Ext 5425

Media Based Workshops
Glynis Johnston Ext 1912

Manchester Fashion Institute
Chris Bracchi Ext 2744

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