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for Students

Manchester School of Art
Photograph of a student using a machine in a workshop

Setting up your show

The University's code of practice on exhibitions and installations forms the basis of this information for students. The safety of students, staff and members of the public visiting the exhibition is the primary concern of the Manchester School of Art. Students exhibiting must cooperate with University staff to maintain high standards of health and safety.

  1. You will be allocated a space for your exhibition by your tutor. Any issues regarding the space should be raised with the tutor at the time of allocation
  2. All boarding out will be constructed by University staff and will be secure.
  3. Students must ensure their work is secure
  4. Escape routes and fire exit signs must not be blocked
  5. Work involving electrical supply must be inspected by University electrical services. This takes time, please see your tutor to organise this in advance
  6. Work at height needs to be risk assessed with your tutor. Where scaffolding is required the Technical Manager must be consulted.
  7. Work involving moving parts will be risk assessed and checked by University estates planning service. It may be necessary to erect a cordon around the work for safety reasons.
  8. Students will assist in the preparation of their space by painting the boards. Students are reminded that it is their responsibility to clean up paint spills; it makes sense to paint carefully. Whilst working on the show students must maintain workshop standard clothing, full shoes, apron or overall.

    Helpers from the courses are allowed. Outside visitors family members or friends are not insured to help.


  9. Any modification to any part of the buildings must be agreed and implemented by estates planning. Items to be hung from the ceiling will need to be agreed and secured by estates planning.
  10. Exhibitions involving food, chemicals or bacteria must be subject to a coshh assessment
  11. Students must invigilate their show


Give yourself plenty of time

Ask University staff for help if you are unsure of anything

Make sure you collect your work at the end of the show

Good luck and best wishes with the production of your exhibition

Marion Poulton
Technical Group Manager
Manchester School of Art