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Manchester School of Art
Digital Media Bar

Digital Media Bar

Chatham 112

The Digital Media Bar is the base of the Digital Technical Team who support the Apple Mac resources in the Manchester School of Art. The Team administer Macs throughout the School and manage the ScanBar, Animation Suites, Edit Suites, Sound Suite and Laptop Trollies. The HelpBar also serves as the drop-off and collection point for Edit Suite and Trolley keys.

Drop-in Quick Questions and Support

Following students' initial training and self-paced learning, the Technical Services' Digital Team offer follow-up support in a range of specialist packages installed throughout the Manchester School of Art.

The Team can also answer questions about printing and scanning.

"Top-up" individual support is available by appointment. But please note that the Team cannot undertake work for you and it is the expectation of the University that you develop your skills by attending inductions, timetabled training opportunities and through self-paced learning.

What do we expect from you?

  • Attend and complete scheduled introduction to software courses;
  • Take responsibility for building up your knowledge of the software Programmes after initial induction;
  • Undertake self-paced learning – the University has provided you with access to to help you with this;
  • Observe the University's Code of Practice for computer use;
  • Take responsibility for your work and save your files to your own media;
  • Report any faults, jams, crashes or other issues with the machines immediately to the IT helpline (0161 247 4646);
  • Report any issues with applications to a member of the team;

Unfortunately we cannot troubleshoot issues with your own machines, for Mac hardware issues, please visit your nearest AppleStore or service provider.

Opening Times

Monday – Thursday
9am – 6.50pm
Friday (and out of term-time)
9am – 4.30pm

Digital Team

Leighton Moody
Technical Team Leader

Sam Heitzman
Technical Officer