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Manchester School of Art

Manchester School of Art
Art and Design buildings

New Spaces. New Facilities. New Building.

The Art & Design Estates Project 2009-2013

It is an exciting time at the Manchester School of Art as we have been granted £34M to invest into our estate. Students and staff of the School will have access to refurbished workshops and studio spaces, a range of new equipment and a purpose built state of the art building.

The project has several stages and is well under way, with students already benefiting from the investment.

Workshop Refurbishment – Complete

The School has already seen significant changes, with the refurbishment of existing workshops and the purchase of a range of additional equipment, including:

• New laser cutters • New glass kilns • State of the art large format camera and scanners • Colour transfer printer for ceramics • Specialist software for seamless knitting.

Studio Refurbishment – Due for Completion in 2013

Chatham Building, where many of the School's courses are located, is currently seeing major refurbishment with all studio spaces being modernised. The first phase was completed in September 2011.

New Building – Due for Completion in 2013

The main part of the investment is a brand new building for the School of Art, which will include an impressive vertical gallery, workshops, a roof garden and hybrid studio areas offering flexible space, appropriate for the changing needs of 21st century arts education.

The building has started to take place and our students have played an integral part helping to frame the site in an interesting and creative way. The hoardings currently surrounding the site are a series of digital images of our students that have been manipulated by them to create something quite unique.

Such a large scale project brings with it major changes. The project has been planned with great sensitivity to ensure that disruption is minimal, with parts of the project being concentrated to times when staff and students tend not to be on campus. Throughout the project, students will still have access to the resources and facilities relevant to their course.

Your Space

The studio space in the new Art School Building is opening for students on 14 January 2013.
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